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ROCK & ROLL; Notes & Acknowledgements

Firstly I must give huge and fullsome praise to mieaou for being not only a completely awesome artist but for putting up with how procrastinaty i can be. they are the greatest. go smuch their art to your face because of how awesome it is. that is an instruction

the second-most fullsome praise must go to my much beleagured beta snusnug who put up with me sending a final draft at 10pm the day before posting because i was freaking out. you are the greatest of greatest.

i must also say thank you to my friends who have been very encouraging and have put up with me rambling about this idea since some time last year, and also put up with me shouting 'i am a literary GENIUS' literally every time i wrote a hundred words. you are the greatest. thank you for shouting at me over twitter when i needed it. i hope any of you who read i think it is alright.

for some notes, i should state straight off that i am from the u of k so don't know much about us policing. i recently learned the us drug classification is so vastly different from ours that i don't even know where to start. the recent election (go vote today!) has also shown me just how possible it is for dear old michael to commit election fraud if he were in the real world. little terrifying, actually.

as a non-us citizen i also don't know all that much about the country outside of what one sees on tv, but this is meant to be set in a place like the non-kansas kansas city. some nice midwest city, you know. i apologise for the odd uk-ish word that slips in too, i tried to keep them speaking american but some words are very strange!

i've also learned a fair deal about american drunk authors and the great american novel and such so that dean would make good cultural references. the first one in the story is pretty weak, but it's universalish, which was the point.

character-wise, i admit to wanting to flesh out a lot of this. jo in particular. she's busy in the background doing a better job than dean, not going on dates with pam barnes, and generally having her own story. maybe that's the next one for me to write. gabriel was meant to make an appearance but i ran out of steam. anna was too. she helps out at balthazar's bar when she's not being a tree surgeon. cas has his own ring of people, to many of whom he is christmas-card list material, but bela's the only one who sneaked in this time.

rachel, as well, because her actions had a heavy hand in how everything moved along. all things being equal she probably would've made senate by her 30s.

and cas really was in a led zep cover band in college. it's how he met anna. uriel, now a fed, was the lead guitar. balthazar's still got a copy of one of their gigs on tape. (they were not the greatest, but they certainly tried.)

to all who read this fic, thank you so, so much. this is the first time i've exposed my supernatural writings to the unsuspecting public, the first big bang challenge i've participated in, the first time i've written over 5k words in about 8 years. and it's been a blast. there were several times i thought it wasn't to be, but something kept me spurred on, to the point i was typing a last scene on a draft up to 11.59 on the draft deadline date. the plot for this changed fundamentally half-way through, from the 'villain' to the reason for the crimes. it still isn't quite what i wanted, but i hope you like it well enough anyway.

it may not be the greatest, but certainly, i tried. :D

Tags: fanfiction, rock + roll, supernatural
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